About us

The Friends of Appley is a community group set up in 2014. We are an unincorporated charitable association with a number of trustees and members. Our association is small but growing, and we hope to develop the Friends of Appley to be bigger and more active as we gain support and membership.

The Friends is an independent association and not connected with the landowner, the Isle of Wight Council.

The association’s objects are

  1.  To conserve and enhance the green space generally known as Appley Park and Beach ensuring that the space is free to access and enjoy sustainably for current and future generations.
  2.  Protect and enhance the natural and historic environment of the area.
  3.  Carry out and promote both environmental improvement and practical conservation and other voluntary work.
  4.  Educate, encourage and support park and beach users in the sustainable use and enjoyment of the area.
  5.  To work with the land owner, neighbouring land owners and statutory and non-statutory agencies to promote the work of the Friends.
  6.  Promote the health and well-being of park and beach users working together regardless of age, ethnic origin, ability, sex, belief or political affiliation recognising the value of our many differences.
  7.  Promote sport, community recreation and play facilities.
  8.  Encourage businesses to use the site sustainably.
  9.  Raise funds and receive contributions where appropriate to finance the work.
  10.  Publicise and promote the work
  11.  Campaign for and promote the above aims and objectives

Friends of Appley Constitution (PDF)